Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What is the real happiness?

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What is the real happiness? I am kind of thinking about this question over and over again and again. Sometimes at the moment the question arise, I thought I got the answer. Yet, I doubted... " This is not yet an answer." I somehow talked to myself.. lol.. Human life is so short, isn't it? You may think you are lucky to live 100 years or you may think you are lucky enough to live 80 years. I moved here to . I have seen people working 2 jobs or working with so many hours. Some works that much to earn a living; but some works that many hours to earn the money and that they can go to a Casino to burn their money!! hahahahahha One EARNs money, aJnother BURNs money!

Some colleagues even came to me, here you should date this guy and this guy.. they have money that their reason to persuade me.... Well, you don't want to date a guy with a money. you want to date a guy with a heart! Seems like these girls all they think is that money can buy their happiness.. hmmmm money cannot buy everything neither can it buy you your happiness.

I would love to know what people think of the definition of the real happiness!

Anyway, my life seems getting better... I am trying my best to get my life together and be happy of what I am doing; no more having people tell you what to do or having people think for you. I earn my money, and now I actually get to spend my money... it's been 2 years that I get to spend the money that I earn without asking a permission from someone to spend the money I earned every single time that I went to a store. Isn't that funny that I am happy about it! Yeah, now I know more about being independent. I was so dumb that I let myself doing those things for 3 years to not have my money I earned in my bank account. Lesson learned! I was too committed I guess... I was too in love I think.

My mom said you need to love yourself before you can love others. She said everyone is selfish and it is okay if you are selfish and don't hurt others. But at the same time, she said you need to learn to give too if you have enough or if you have more than you need.. you need to give and you will appreciate the meaning of giving. but never expect that you will get that back. you expect it, it will never get back to you. but she said it will get back to you when you are in need most! " Believe me!, mom said!

There was someone I know. Her husband bought her a brand new car because of an expanding family! She was disappointed that her husband didn't buy the car that she wanted which made she complained that her husband doesn't love her! I was surprised how could this woman is not appreciated the life she has right now! She doesn't have to work,  just being a stay home mom. I know how many of you are stay home mom! To be a mother is the precious job I also want to be one day! but I just trying to point this out how this woman is not grateful for what she has but instead complaining and said that her husband doesn't love her enough... Yes, it is a material world nowadays... People becoming so materialistic! I think I am too but I also work my butt off to earn the money and deserve the things I want by spending my own money!  well, this is probably a real happiness for this woman to have a brand new car that she wants and that will make her to love her husband and to make her think that her husband love her enough. It's actually not my business.. i need to shut up!

By the way, I am living my reality my real life now and I am the one who owns it and the one who make it happens and that one who will make this life happy or to find the happiness for this little life. :)

 well, the past week I stopped at a place in Montrose to take some pics for the foliage before it's all gone!

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