Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Milky Way: I Want to Shoot a Pic of You Again!!

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I took this pic in Utah near American Fork Canyon in 2009

I seriously thinking of hiking somewhere like in Moab and set up a camera for a long exposure and capture the Milky Way picture... Yet, I don't have time to do so nor having a car right now to drive somewhere near the area where it is not near the city light... I wish I could do that soon .. it is amazing how the nature has created beautifully and perfectly!

Anyway, I go to work as usual. It is not as busy as the past 2 days but at least it keep us to finish some preparation.

Jan and Bobby, my younger sister and her husband, are back to Switzerland from their Caribbean Cruise! I talked to my mom on the phone yesterday which is so nice to hear her voice. Mom and Dad are doing good. Mom is buying a new car. Dad is going to early retire soon from being a teacher to do the family business full time. Mom is still have 2 more years left to retire. They are planning to come visiting me next year. Hopefully, they will get to come, at least I hope my mom get to come visit me during the summer vacation in April.

I plan to go to Canada next year and the year after that I wish I will have enough saving to go to visit my younger sister in Zurich again and get to go visit some other places in Europe.

My younger brother is still in Thailand. His girlfriend just open a coffee shop across the street from my parents' house.

wow! time has gone by fast! It is almost the end of the year again. I'm still not be able to accomplish my 2012 resolution yet! maybe I have to repeat it again next year.. hahahhahaha

hmmm, so far I love my job. I love where I am living at right now... I mean I love my place where it is so spacious. well, I like it maybe because I just work, work, and work so I don't really think too much about people around me or pay attention to what is going around! and it is okay because I am happy! :) Well, I think I need to be more creative blogging next time..but the things is I want a pictures with every blog post.. get to set a goal for that right?

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