Saturday, March 5, 2011

Childhood continue..

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Recently, I have been thinking about going back to school. Well, I do have a degree from Thailand but it's nothing when I am here in the States. Right now, I am not back in school yet.. Of course, I have no money. 2011 is my starting year, starting from nothing. I took a semester at UVU and after the separation with my ex I stopped going to school. Pretty much I have to deal with my emotion breakdown and have to concentrate on the job I had at the time. I had moving around wasting my time and saving money just to try recovering from the heart breaking didn't work and now I am back to Utah again.

I recall what mom had told us when we were very young. She said that she had no any heirloom to give the only thing she could give us her children is an Education. Mom always says that we, human being, both die rich and die poor; we won't be able to take any processions along with us after this life but the only thing we can take is knowledge or what we have learned in this life. Education is one of the most precious treasure!, mom always reminds us.

My parents have been working hard through out their lives. They are mainly working as teachers. Mom teaches Social Science. Dad teaches Physics.  They both always have side jobs. Dad does welding and other construction after school. Mom used to bake and cook some food whatever people ordered to sell at her school. It takes her almost 20 yrs until she stopped baking and cooking food to sell. Now she has another side job open a dormitory for college girl at the house and sells Life Insurance whenever she has time to do.

Dad loves drinking which I don't like about him; other than that he is a great dad if he's not drunk.

My parents taught us to not look down others who are less fortunate. They said what we would feel if other people who are more well being than us look down to us.

I would consider our family not a middle class family in Thailand but poor.

Well, right now I am trying to figure out what should I do to get back to school again. I still do need to save money for a back up in case I am out of job (so I would have a place to sleep, some food to eat) ; especially, in this kind of economy crisis around the world... many people may think that I can get the loan. yes, of course I can get the loan but I still need to have an emergency money too.

I think I'd better go to bed soon. Will write more next time.

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