Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Temple Day with my friends :)

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Me and Brittney, my companion I trained on the mission

Me & Kitty, my younger sister's friend

Today I spent my day with 2 friends at the Provo Utah Temple. It always feels great to be at the Temple. You are closer to God that way as you are going through the ordinances and always remember the covenant that we made in the Temple. I am so blessed to have many Temples that are close by, unlike other countries that the members have to travel very far to attend and worship at a temple.

Life is just beautiful and great as it is. You just need to be optimistic about it. I am looking forward to go to the temple again next week.

Anyway, certain is uncertain. Many things come and go. People come and go. You may have many friends in your life and then go from your life. There's always a purpose. Someone may have come to your life just to help you feel better and then they go and then you have new people come in your life again. Some may stay friends with you and some may not. We may be happy or may be hurt but we learn from people who have come to our life.

For the past month, it was sad to see my friends move away because I miss them so dearly. But I can't hold them to be with me because they have their lives and family. Brittney may be moving back to California and I will miss her too even if we didn't get to talk much. Susan, my friend from Boston, will move to Cali. as well for work. I will miss her.

Talk to mom tonight. It's great to hear that she and the rest of the family are doing good. Jan's husband is sick. I hope that he will get better soon.

Wow, it's late now but I still not sleepy yet. I really need to get back to a routine to sleep early (I wish).

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