Saturday, August 6, 2011


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I probably ran out of thing to capture in my camera, so here it is some pics of the signs around Switzerland. 
There are some signs that i think funny and some are just interesting to me. 

The sign in the TRAM and in the BUS. the forth one just crack me up. 

some people just make the sign themselves to warn the driver that there is a kid in the house and in the area.

and upside down sign. they are probably busy to check on them.

Sign for the school Zone.

sign to warn that there is a public bus would pass.

Normally we always see the sign warning about the deer but here we see the sign warning about the cow more when are in the mountain area.

The sign for the church telling when their service start.

Here is the pic of the railway sign behind Jan that never makes sense to me in Switzerland. Please compare to the sign below in Italy same thing but totally different.

The sign in Italy please compare to the sign above

one of the funny sign in the elevator in Italy at a train station.

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August 1st: Independence Day of Switzerland.

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Seem like people here doesn't make a big of a deal of the independence day. If you want to watch fireworks you will have to buy them yourself. Well, we went up the top of the apartment building and watched the fireworks that people bought and lit the fireworks themselves.

The Firework stand across the street from our apartment.

Another view from the street next to our building. You can see the Train. They call Tram here.

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We drove through the town called Goldau, the town that around 300 yrs ago the villagers were killed with the mountain rocks trembled down from the mountain top.
You also can notice where the rocks slit down the mountain on your far right of the pic.

Entering the town.

You can see many shrines all around the town here in Switzerland. Mostly, people who lives in the suburbs are in Catholic Church.

you can see all the rocks that killed thousand of people 300 yrs ago.

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