Friday, July 22, 2011

My Birthday

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Me and my carrot cake for my birthday!! I'll ya it was the most delicious one!

On the way back from my jog on my birthday morning. My little sis took me to a Chinese store and I cannot resist to buy this fresh Thai Pepper which I can't find in Utah.

Another kind of Veggies that We normally eat with Nam Prik in Thailand.. I don't know what it calls in English. lol

My carrot cake again.

"Nam Prik Kapi Plaa tuu" my lunch... lol
31 years old... lol I felt so old now. It seems like time fly too fast for me.. I didn't do much today for my birthday. I got up in the morning and went for 2 hrs jog with my little sis. and then did some grocery shopping.. Wow, everything is so expensive here. Crazy! i love the weather here so far .. it is nice and cool because of the rain. It's funny that people dress like it's already in Autumn. scarf, boots, jackets, or coat are what they are wearing right now. Weird... I love the weather here because of the moisture make my skin so soft.. lol ... Well, anyway tonight as I am already tired because of the jet lag. we don't do anything much for my birthday. Jan bought Carrot Cake for me.. it's the most delicious carrot cake I have ever tasted. you should try some.

well, I think I'd better go to bed now. Have a good night everyone. :)

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