Friday, April 15, 2011

My name: Thitiporn Butwong ฐิติพร บุตรวงศ์

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Me when I was a baby!
There are so many people look at me in a weird way when I told them what my first name is. THITIPORN (that is how it spells in my passport) Thiti + porn. What a name huh? I should have them changed last time I went back visiting Thailand but if I do that I have to change the name in my Permanent Resident Card too.. well, I didn't do it. But if you consider how it write in Thai or consider the meaning of it. It is a beautiful name though. My first name was given by my father's friend. I am trying to break it down what the meaning is.

Thiti (ฐิติ) means Enduring Forever, Keep the rules and the law steadily.
Porn (พร) R is silence. It means Blessings.

So Thitiporn means the blessing of enduring in keeping the law forever.

Well, most of the time, everyone will call me by my Nickname, Jul (from July my birth month) that's what my mom gave me.

I love my name but not like how it spells in English though.

My dad friend might have given my name for a reason. He might want to remind me that no matter what happen, I need to endure to the end to have the blessings to be happy.

Today was not a good day for me even though the weather is good. I just feel so lonely, well, we all have time in that moment in life of being lonely. I have to endure and hope that I will pass this test, pass this moment, pass this hard time of life. There are more things for me to endure in the future which I will never know until it comes.

Life is beautiful! I just need to learn to appreciate this more.

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