Monday, October 22, 2012

One of My Work: Photography

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It has been a while not updating my blog and keep my life up to date as a journal. Last post I mentioned about moving to Hawaii but well, it's not like as a plan, then I changed to move back to Utah and yet again job market is not like what I expected. Finally, with the consideration of jobs in Utah it would not provide me enough financially to live by my own without a roommate so I decided to move back here to Colorado and work as a cook again.. it is not my favorite things to do. As many of you know that I love doing photography so much. Well, I am still doing photography but not as a career but as a hobby! I'd better keep my photo journal up to date every day right?

 For the past few months I had done some photography for friends especially in the wedding! and I am happy with the outcome. :) Here are some photos from my friends' wedding: Tasha and Eric Christensen.. Enjoy!

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Lisa said...

Those are some AMAZING Photos. You are so talented!

Jul Butwong said...

Thanks Lisa! :)