Thursday, February 16, 2012

Being Blessed!

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The past Monday, I get to go up to the Mountain Village near Telluride, CO. It was fun to get to go up and see the whole town. I was so thrilled to get to take the pictures as well. My routine of taking pics is coming back bit by bit. I love taking pics as you can tell!!

It is one of my blessings to get to visit and work in this beautiful town since I'd been in a very unfortunate event of working in a place where the employer didn't treat you as fairly as other American. It was a long story that I don't wanna talk about and to forget about it. I did learn my lesson and people who did bad things to others will get paid back for their action.

I am thankful and grateful for my Heavenly Father who have lifted me up from the sorrow and grateful for the people all around who love and support and been helping me. More than that thankful for the family members who are always with me and help me to think positively. I am happy! I am surely not alone... but sometimes the weather here in Telluride makes me feeling so down and sad... need to get some sun and seriously I can't wait for the summer to come!!!!!

Hope you guys enjoy the pics. I will try to keep updating the pics if I get a chance... :) Life is so beautiful!!!  The nature that the Maker has given us is also priceless!!!

another lift in front of Gondola station to go up to Mountain Village.
in love with the white and blue.

almost get the whole town of Telluride in the pic!!

The town of f Telluride is down in that valley!!

down in the Town of Telluride

Up in Mountain Village

in front of Gondola Mountain village station

the free bus that takes you around the town

getta love the colorful house

the bike buried in the snow in front of my place

love the fluffy snow and the contrast of the blue house

the house down the road from my place

on the way back to my place

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