Thursday, April 28, 2011

What I got from 3 weeks ago

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3 weeks ago, we have a stake conference. It was great to get a chance to go. It was sprinkle a little bit but I walked there anyway. Most of the speakers were from the 1st ward, the Deaf Ward. It was one of the most spiritual experience I've ever had. It was probably because I was in a hard time of my life, decision making situation, loneliness, discouragement in life. The talks from the conference did really lift me up. The speakers, of course, used the sign language. It was the most beautiful language to me.

The speakers reminded me about one of my trip during Christmas 2007 holiday to California with my friend, Esther, from Malaysia. On our plane back to Boston, we saw a family a row behind us. They looked just like all other families on the airplane. They have a 4 yrs old girl and 6 yrs old boy. Very very cute family, I must say. I had notice that this family has something very special and sweet. Yes! They are special and incredible or remarkable. Why?!? The parents are both deaf but the kids aren't though. And this is incredible about this family is that the kids know how to use sign language and communicate with the flight attendants for their parents. They were the happiest family I saw on the plane. They laughed & smiles. while communicated to each other with the sign language. I can feel their love to each other.

Anyway, here are some what I got from the talks:

" When things get difficult, Heavenly Father is not going to remove those trails immediately but he will give us strength as we are moving through the trails. " the 1st speakers from the 1st ward.

They had been talking a lot about the Atonement of Christ because it was a week before Easter. How after the tribulation of life we will become strong.

One of the speakers mention about the prayers: he said when we pray for
             Strength the Lord will give us Difficulties to learn
             Wisdom the Lord will give us Problems to solve
             Love the Lord will give us others to serve

 We never get what we want, but we get what we need.
With my own weakness, it's hard to understand and to endure and move through those trails in my life. But there is no other ways for me to escape from my own trails or hard time. There is the only way or one way to conquer them is to face, accept , and go through those with faith and never give up. Life is difficult but it is also beautiful too,  don't you think?

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