Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Pouting Girl....

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After the dinner with Bobby's mom. Jan and I were waiting in the car. I was just sitting and see a father riding on his bike and the little girl walking her bike up the hill. And I was thinking how cute is that a father and daughter doing activity together. 

And I have a quick thought that I should capture a video or taking a picture. While I was pulling up my camera and calling Jan to look at the girl. She was throwing her little bike aside the road and standing there not kept walking anymore. Having her arms crossing around her chest and pouting, it was cute.. She must have said something which I couldn't hear and her father must have said something that made her picking up her bike and then walking her bike home. Yes, as I mentioned that the daughter must have said something to her dad that would make her dad decided to get of his bike and beginning to walk his bike home as well.... 

Seriously I was cracking up laughing when I saw her throwing her bike aside and stopped walking.

And now she decided to keep walking and picking up her bike.

Now she took of her jacket and started to walk.

Here her dad got off his bike and walked his bike like his daughter is doing.

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Last Sunday Dinner with Bobby's Mom

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Last Sunday we went to visit Bobby's mom and have dinner over there. Most of the food is just cheese, bread, sliced of meats.... and another dish is an Austrian Soup. I forget to mention that Bobby's Mom is originally from Austria.
Bobby, the in law and Jan

An Austrian Soup


and CHEESE again

The dog at the house.. I can't remember her name. I almost step on her though you will see what I mean.

Isn't she look like a mat or a mop or something like that? That was why I almost step on her.

Here she is again!

I can't remember what was so funny that could make me laugh.

Here trying to take the pic with the dog. She is too energetic running around.
 My 1st week for this trip has been good so far. Even though I don't get to go around Europe but to just relax before going back to my chaos world in the US is probably good for me to do nothing and refresh my mind. Oh, i forget to mention that I lost my ATM card before I get here.. the only card i have is my Visa Credit card. but too bad that the grocery store here except only MASTER CARD. lol I don't know if I would be able to buy some souvenir for my friends back in the US. Anyway, I have to wait and see.

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