Sunday, June 24, 2012

No Walk on Me; But You Shit on Me too

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I have to apologize if I use some language that not nice like a lady should say! lol

This morning on the way to attend Church at BYU Provo Campus this morning seeing this sign! It inspires me for some reason which I really need it today. There are so many times in life that I had been struggling. Sometimes it was so hard to get up and keep moving on because there were so many stumbling block. I have learned a lot who are true friends and who aren't during my hard chapters in life. There are people who waiting to see me fell and that they will be happy! and there are also people who are friends and ready to support you and ready to give their hands to pull you up when you are down. I am not perfect and I am trying hard to grow like those grass. There were so many times in the past that I let them walk on me. I didn't have any strength to fight them back.

In women world, it is full of drama, even I am a drama one too.. Ones will have their drama moment in their life time. I don't believe when one says, " I am not a drama queen." I would say to that girl "BULLSHIT!!! "

Anyway, from that sign I pondered to myself what it does really mean to me. Comparing myself to the grass plus the lesson that I learned in class from church today, I have realized that it's okay for people to walk on me sometimes because I get to learn and grow and dose up the tolerance the walk on me thing. God gives us trails to make us stronger!

Some people in my life are not just walking on me when I am down they are also throwing the shit on me (gossiping, saying something which is not true behind my back) I was first feel sad about it but after church this morning, I turn those shit they threw on me to something else. I thought to myself those piles of shit will be such a great fertilizer! LITERALLY, shit is a good FERTILIZER for plants and of course it will do the same way to grass...

But here in my metaphor term, SHIT ( their gossiping ) is a good fertilizer for my soul, spirituality! It makes me stronger as a person. Realizing how hard I have been through this past 2 years; well, I didn't say that those hardship in life is completely gone, it is still here and I am doing my best to endure it like the sign said that " it is trying hard to grow..."

Maybe it will be good if everyone is trying to be nice to each other.. life would be easier to endure!

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! We just have to endure positively and keep moving forward to our eternally goal or whatever goals we each have set in our lives!

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