Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Milky Way: I Want to Shoot a Pic of You Again!!

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I took this pic in Utah near American Fork Canyon in 2009

I seriously thinking of hiking somewhere like in Moab and set up a camera for a long exposure and capture the Milky Way picture... Yet, I don't have time to do so nor having a car right now to drive somewhere near the area where it is not near the city light... I wish I could do that soon .. it is amazing how the nature has created beautifully and perfectly!

Anyway, I go to work as usual. It is not as busy as the past 2 days but at least it keep us to finish some preparation.

Jan and Bobby, my younger sister and her husband, are back to Switzerland from their Caribbean Cruise! I talked to my mom on the phone yesterday which is so nice to hear her voice. Mom and Dad are doing good. Mom is buying a new car. Dad is going to early retire soon from being a teacher to do the family business full time. Mom is still have 2 more years left to retire. They are planning to come visiting me next year. Hopefully, they will get to come, at least I hope my mom get to come visit me during the summer vacation in April.

I plan to go to Canada next year and the year after that I wish I will have enough saving to go to visit my younger sister in Zurich again and get to go visit some other places in Europe.

My younger brother is still in Thailand. His girlfriend just open a coffee shop across the street from my parents' house.

wow! time has gone by fast! It is almost the end of the year again. I'm still not be able to accomplish my 2012 resolution yet! maybe I have to repeat it again next year.. hahahhahaha

hmmm, so far I love my job. I love where I am living at right now... I mean I love my place where it is so spacious. well, I like it maybe because I just work, work, and work so I don't really think too much about people around me or pay attention to what is going around! and it is okay because I am happy! :) Well, I think I need to be more creative blogging next time..but the things is I want a pictures with every blog post.. get to set a goal for that right?

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Avery: A beautiful baby doll!

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 I got a chance to capture some pictures of this beautiful blue eyes baby, Baby Avery, 13 months old girl I babysitted during this summer. Also, I babysitted her big brother and sister Grayson and Eden too! It was a short job for me but at least I know that it is not easy to take care of 3 kids in the different stage of age at the same time. Tough one I would say but I love it!!! Here are some of the pictures of Avery! You will fall in love with this blue eyes little doll!

Eden, Avery, and their friend Marissa


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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What is the real happiness?

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What is the real happiness? I am kind of thinking about this question over and over again and again. Sometimes at the moment the question arise, I thought I got the answer. Yet, I doubted... " This is not yet an answer." I somehow talked to myself.. lol.. Human life is so short, isn't it? You may think you are lucky to live 100 years or you may think you are lucky enough to live 80 years. I moved here to . I have seen people working 2 jobs or working with so many hours. Some works that much to earn a living; but some works that many hours to earn the money and that they can go to a Casino to burn their money!! hahahahahha One EARNs money, aJnother BURNs money!

Some colleagues even came to me, here you should date this guy and this guy.. they have money that their reason to persuade me.... Well, you don't want to date a guy with a money. you want to date a guy with a heart! Seems like these girls all they think is that money can buy their happiness.. hmmmm money cannot buy everything neither can it buy you your happiness.

I would love to know what people think of the definition of the real happiness!

Anyway, my life seems getting better... I am trying my best to get my life together and be happy of what I am doing; no more having people tell you what to do or having people think for you. I earn my money, and now I actually get to spend my money... it's been 2 years that I get to spend the money that I earn without asking a permission from someone to spend the money I earned every single time that I went to a store. Isn't that funny that I am happy about it! Yeah, now I know more about being independent. I was so dumb that I let myself doing those things for 3 years to not have my money I earned in my bank account. Lesson learned! I was too committed I guess... I was too in love I think.

My mom said you need to love yourself before you can love others. She said everyone is selfish and it is okay if you are selfish and don't hurt others. But at the same time, she said you need to learn to give too if you have enough or if you have more than you need.. you need to give and you will appreciate the meaning of giving. but never expect that you will get that back. you expect it, it will never get back to you. but she said it will get back to you when you are in need most! " Believe me!, mom said!

There was someone I know. Her husband bought her a brand new car because of an expanding family! She was disappointed that her husband didn't buy the car that she wanted which made she complained that her husband doesn't love her! I was surprised how could this woman is not appreciated the life she has right now! She doesn't have to work,  just being a stay home mom. I know how many of you are stay home mom! To be a mother is the precious job I also want to be one day! but I just trying to point this out how this woman is not grateful for what she has but instead complaining and said that her husband doesn't love her enough... Yes, it is a material world nowadays... People becoming so materialistic! I think I am too but I also work my butt off to earn the money and deserve the things I want by spending my own money!  well, this is probably a real happiness for this woman to have a brand new car that she wants and that will make her to love her husband and to make her think that her husband love her enough. It's actually not my business.. i need to shut up!

By the way, I am living my reality my real life now and I am the one who owns it and the one who make it happens and that one who will make this life happy or to find the happiness for this little life. :)

 well, the past week I stopped at a place in Montrose to take some pics for the foliage before it's all gone!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

One of My Work: Photography

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It has been a while not updating my blog and keep my life up to date as a journal. Last post I mentioned about moving to Hawaii but well, it's not like as a plan, then I changed to move back to Utah and yet again job market is not like what I expected. Finally, with the consideration of jobs in Utah it would not provide me enough financially to live by my own without a roommate so I decided to move back here to Colorado and work as a cook again.. it is not my favorite things to do. As many of you know that I love doing photography so much. Well, I am still doing photography but not as a career but as a hobby! I'd better keep my photo journal up to date every day right?

 For the past few months I had done some photography for friends especially in the wedding! and I am happy with the outcome. :) Here are some photos from my friends' wedding: Tasha and Eric Christensen.. Enjoy!

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back to Utah

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And again from trying to get out of Utah, I come back here again from Hawaii. Seems like the more I don't like Utah, the more I have to learn to love it here. Well, I guess I will probably have to be in Utah until I get my US Citizenship.

Back here again.. starting over job hunting and being more positive it is a major thing for me to learn right now. but after all, I am learning to b happy and be more positive.. There are so many friends trying to help me out here and I am grateful for that.

Life is good after all, try not to take it for granted.

Viva Utah!! I had a good time in Hawaii though, making some new friends :)

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Hawaii Decision

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It's been awhile that I was writing on my blog. I have been busy before the school start. I first planned to attend Utah of Massage Therapy College here in Lindon but my plan had changed back and forth to Dallas and then changed to Sacramento California.. I had been changing plan a lot and had been trying to find a job in Sacramento before I move there for school. I got a call from Costco a couple weeks ago for the 1st interview and then last Friday for the second interview but I have to turn it down for some reason which I don't wanna talk about it that much. Then, I was thinking of going back to school here in Utah but this economy made me change my mind. I contacted a friend I know several years from my mission, I am lucky enough that I will have a job there over in Hawaii. yes, that's really answer my prayers. I will go to school over there and finish it and then I will see where my destiny will lead me.

I have to give thanks to my Heavenly Father Who never leave me alone when I am in need of help or whenever I feel down or lonely. I have been blessed to have such a wonderful family back in Thailand who have been supporting me from afar. I am grateful for my American parents George and Ellen Rands who have been a good support over here in the US. They are the givers who never ask for the return. And I have good friends who I can talk to who have such great advice and faith in the Lord. I am grateful for these people in my life. They are remarkable people I could never ask for!

This life is hard enough to be regret! we just need to learn to be happy each day to show the gratitude to the Creator who gave our bodies to live here in this beautiful world! And I am going to Hawaii!!!! I am thrilled with that. Another new state in the US that I will be in this year!!!! :)

Don't worry, Be happy!!!!

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

No Walk on Me; But You Shit on Me too

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I have to apologize if I use some language that not nice like a lady should say! lol

This morning on the way to attend Church at BYU Provo Campus this morning seeing this sign! It inspires me for some reason which I really need it today. There are so many times in life that I had been struggling. Sometimes it was so hard to get up and keep moving on because there were so many stumbling block. I have learned a lot who are true friends and who aren't during my hard chapters in life. There are people who waiting to see me fell and that they will be happy! and there are also people who are friends and ready to support you and ready to give their hands to pull you up when you are down. I am not perfect and I am trying hard to grow like those grass. There were so many times in the past that I let them walk on me. I didn't have any strength to fight them back.

In women world, it is full of drama, even I am a drama one too.. Ones will have their drama moment in their life time. I don't believe when one says, " I am not a drama queen." I would say to that girl "BULLSHIT!!! "

Anyway, from that sign I pondered to myself what it does really mean to me. Comparing myself to the grass plus the lesson that I learned in class from church today, I have realized that it's okay for people to walk on me sometimes because I get to learn and grow and dose up the tolerance the walk on me thing. God gives us trails to make us stronger!

Some people in my life are not just walking on me when I am down they are also throwing the shit on me (gossiping, saying something which is not true behind my back) I was first feel sad about it but after church this morning, I turn those shit they threw on me to something else. I thought to myself those piles of shit will be such a great fertilizer! LITERALLY, shit is a good FERTILIZER for plants and of course it will do the same way to grass...

But here in my metaphor term, SHIT ( their gossiping ) is a good fertilizer for my soul, spirituality! It makes me stronger as a person. Realizing how hard I have been through this past 2 years; well, I didn't say that those hardship in life is completely gone, it is still here and I am doing my best to endure it like the sign said that " it is trying hard to grow..."

Maybe it will be good if everyone is trying to be nice to each other.. life would be easier to endure!

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! We just have to endure positively and keep moving forward to our eternally goal or whatever goals we each have set in our lives!

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cherry & Robert : WeDDiNG

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Couple weeks ago. I volunteered to be a 3rd photographer for my friend's sister wedding! I wish I had known before the wedding I could prepare some prop for the photo-shoot; anyway, I love the outcome, yet I still have a lot more to learn!! Enjoy the pics!! :) ~Jul~

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