Monday, August 20, 2012

Hawaii Decision

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It's been awhile that I was writing on my blog. I have been busy before the school start. I first planned to attend Utah of Massage Therapy College here in Lindon but my plan had changed back and forth to Dallas and then changed to Sacramento California.. I had been changing plan a lot and had been trying to find a job in Sacramento before I move there for school. I got a call from Costco a couple weeks ago for the 1st interview and then last Friday for the second interview but I have to turn it down for some reason which I don't wanna talk about it that much. Then, I was thinking of going back to school here in Utah but this economy made me change my mind. I contacted a friend I know several years from my mission, I am lucky enough that I will have a job there over in Hawaii. yes, that's really answer my prayers. I will go to school over there and finish it and then I will see where my destiny will lead me.

I have to give thanks to my Heavenly Father Who never leave me alone when I am in need of help or whenever I feel down or lonely. I have been blessed to have such a wonderful family back in Thailand who have been supporting me from afar. I am grateful for my American parents George and Ellen Rands who have been a good support over here in the US. They are the givers who never ask for the return. And I have good friends who I can talk to who have such great advice and faith in the Lord. I am grateful for these people in my life. They are remarkable people I could never ask for!

This life is hard enough to be regret! we just need to learn to be happy each day to show the gratitude to the Creator who gave our bodies to live here in this beautiful world! And I am going to Hawaii!!!! I am thrilled with that. Another new state in the US that I will be in this year!!!! :)

Don't worry, Be happy!!!!

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